Series of three collages, 30*40cm, 2018
The series Assemblage is composed of : Ruine roche, Puits paré, and Fontaine fruitée.

drawn with Autocad et and printed on graph tracing paper, printed iconographies on paper.


Series of five drawings, 30*40cm, 2017
drawn with Autocad et and printed on tracing paper, photos.
made during residency at the Glasshouse Artlifelab in Brooklyn, New-York.


Serigraph edited in 50 pieces, 35*50cm, 2015
drawn with Vicky Fischer, printed with Atelier Tchikebe in Marseille
made during a research on the demolition of millefeuille 


Series of eight drawings, A3, 2015
drawn on Autocad, and printed on paper.
The drawings were observation tools for a research with Vicky Fischer in Boulangerie Bo. "Crache-test" aimed to measure the energy going out of bread by painting bread with squid ink before cooking.


Leaflet in 5 multiple , A2, 2013
drawn on Autocad, and printed.
The leaflet is part of D-fonds kit in multiple. The kit is to realize D-fonds protocole, to create a series of systematized cracked chocolate pies.